Month: April 2013

Where’s my seat ?

I looked over at the giant oak, then back to the clump of poplar trees up on the small knob. I had to decide which spot to hang my tree stand, which view would give me the best opportunity to get a shot at the beautiful 150” class whitetail that lives in this area. He was on every trail camera the previous fall but he eluded me all season.  Having found one half of his shed antler only a week ago, I knew he was still around! It was November 10 and the rut was at a fever pitch. I...

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Time to find a new seat for my stand

In my last bog I described how a squirrel had literally devoured my tree stand seat cushion, making most of it his new home high in the trees. So the search began to find a new seat to replace the one that was ruined. As soon as I returned home after that weekend hunt, I immediately went to my computer to find a replacement sling seat . No big deal…right? Wrong. I could not believe after searching and scouring the internet from dusk until dawn, that there was not one universal fitting sling seat cushion to be found. Sure...

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Backaches- Best seat cushions for hunting

Many times at trade shows,  hunters will tell me. I need a seat cushion to help my bad back, I have tried every one on the market…. They can stop right there! Having worked construction most of my life …plus racing and crashing dirt bikes way too many times as a teen, a bad back has been with me most of my adult life. Hunting with a bad back is a challenge in itself, but hunting out of a tree stand with a bad back is a real challenge. Having sat in more tree stands than I could count, ...

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