Many times at trade shows,  hunters will tell me. I need a seat cushion to help my bad back, I have tried every one on the market…. They can stop right there!

Having worked construction most of my life …plus racing and crashing dirt bikes way too many times as a teen, a bad back has been with me most of my adult life. Hunting with a bad back is a challenge in itself, but hunting out of a tree stand with a bad back is a real challenge.

Having sat in more tree stands than I could count,  being so stubborn that coming down from my tree before dark is unimaginable, plus logging thousands of hours in a tree stand-I am going to self qualify myself as an expert in this matter.

Sling type tree stand seats are the only seat that will ever give you a chance to stay in stand for long periods of time if you have a bad back. So if it works for people with bad backs, people that are pain free can also assume it will help them stay longer in the tree stand, but with more comfort.super-slumper

Why/how you ask?  It’s the way they are designed, sling seats are suspension type seats, This means the seat hangs from side rails, and is not supported by something rigid under the cushion. By having this suspension, it distributes the weight load  more evenly, and by doing this it keeps the majority of the pressure off the tailbone area, and the entire spine…It really is that simple.

Now there are sling seats that are not well constructed and may not support you properly. We suggest the Super Slumper model sling seat.  It has the thickest cushion currently on the market. The straps are located to help relieve the pressure from your back. It is universal fitting and will fit almost every make and model stand with a sling seat on the market.

Sling Seat Straps

Sling Seat Straps