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The Simple16 tree stand seat is designed to fit platform type tree stands. The seat cushions have 3/4 ” straps sewn on the bottom of the cushion. The straps are long enough to mount the hunting cushion to all makes and models of tree stand seats out on the market today that have a platform seat.

The straps have plastic quick buckles to easily attach it to your platform seat, and also to remove it at the end of the hunting season or even daily if you wish to move it from one tree stand to another.

When the peak of the deer hunting season is going, staying in your tree stand is critical to your success. And there is nothing more painful than sitting on a thin seat cushion that gives little support for your back side.

That is why The Simple model hunting seats use a super thick 4″ quality foam cushion. Firm to not break down easily, yet soft enough to give you comfort you only dreamed about before.

Slumper™ Seats use a  polyester/cotton blend fabric with a special weave, it’s not only  the softest, quietest fabric you will find, It is also extremely water resistant. This material also does not get noisy in cold temperatures like most water resistant materials tend to do.

The Simple16 model is designed to be used on platform type tree stands. This means a tree stand that has a platform that the seat cushion can attach to. This could be a tree stand that has a metal grate, board, metal bars. The Simple seat models do not have a support system inside them, It is an all foam seat.

The Simple16 hunting seat can also be used just as a light weight hunting seat cushion you can carry around. It can be strapped to your back for hands free carrying. Just place on the ground for a comfortable ground seat.

Will it Fit ?

There are too many makes and models of tree stands on the market to list all them. We have installed our Slumper seats on Summit , Ameristep , Guide Gear , Big Dog , Lone Wolf , Rivers Edge, Api, Gorilla 

This is just to give you an idea of the stands we attach to, there are way more Brand and models out there we can fit onto.

Not sure if it will fit your model tree stand shoot us an email or give us a call. We are more than happy to help you out.

Seat only-Stand not included!

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™Dimensions – 16 x 12 x 4

Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Simple 16

  1. Monty

    Very comfortable pad and easy to strap to the backpack to use at any stand

  2. SEan

    Extremely easy to mount on the stand, and holy thick seat!! Gonna be easy to have long sits this season!

  3. Shaun

    The simple 16 was PERFECT. I ordered this to replace the pad on my Hawk hang-on stand. At 4″ thick, it provides enough comfort for very long sits. I take the cushion off my stand when i leave, so I cannot comment on its ability to withstand weather. My guess is that the memory foam material would soak up water like a sponge. I highly recommend this seat cushion, and I will purchase one for each of my stands.

  4. Nick

    I’m very pleased with this cushion. At 4 inches thick, it weighs next to nothing. I thought this would be an issue carrying with me, but I strap it to my pack and I don’t even notice it. I use this on my ladder stands and works well. It has really increased the length of time before I need to stand up and stretch.

  5. Adam

    I ordered this to replace the seat on my Summit Open Shot climber. It is a perfect replacement with respect to size. It also has the advantage of being fixed to seat, whereas the factory seat only had two loops through which the metal bar looped through, and would flop around if not secured in some other way. Can’t vouch for longevity and durability, but this thing is comfortable, looks good, fits good, and it exactly what I wanted.

  6. Ryan

    Extremely comfortable. Got my old hang on stand well.


    Bought my second one for the wife. These are great . No more sore backs. Makes it a lot easier to stay in the stand longer.

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