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Sometimes less is more- some treestands just have a little seat -they cant help it!

That’s where this seat comes in. Its perfect for the tree stand…. that just is little.

But as small as it is-its big in comfort. The seat cushion is 4″ thick and premium foam is used.

The fabric is Soft and unbelievably quiet. Its water resistant , but Its not waterproof. Waterproof is NOISY we prefer quiet. We do offer a slip on nylon waterproof cover.

Perfect for the little tree stand seat or running and gunning you wont be disappointed .

12″ W x 10″ D x 4″ H

Weight – 12 Ounces

In stock



 12″ W x 10″ D x 4″ H      


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4 reviews for Simple12

  1. Charles Cordrey

    Great replacement for a Remington hang on stand I have. Much more comfortable than the original. Fabric is quiet. Great product.

  2. Tres Bauknight

    This is an awesome seat for the lonewolf alpha. It is very comfortable making it great for all day sits and when paired with the slump back rest it makes for a nearly perfect system. However i really wish Slumper would make a seat with the same 4 inch thick pad but cut to the shape of lonewolfs hang on seat. Awesome product highly recommended.

  3. Brent Johnson

    Great for all day sits!

  4. Brent Johnson

    Best replacement seats on the market!!

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