In my last bog I described how a squirrel had literally devoured my tree stand seat cushion, making most of it his new home high in the trees.

So the search began to find a new seat to replace the one that was ruined.

As soon as I returned home after that weekend hunt, I immediately went to my computer to find a replacement sling seat . No big deal…right? Wrong. I could not believe after searching and scouring the internet from dusk until dawn, that there was not one universal fitting sling seat cushion to be found.

Sure I found some replacement seats, but none of them were a universal fit, and I couldn’t remember for the life of me, what kind of tree-stand it was that I bought all those years ago.  When I finally did find some sling seat models I thought might fit onto my tree-stand –  if I was lucky and made a few adjustments – the cost of them with shipping was almost 100 dollars!

I finally found a tree-stand seat that I thought was a fair and decent price and placed the order. But when I opened the box that came to my door I was really disappointed at the quality. What a rip-off! The straps that went under the seat were actually secured with glue…What?!  If I am sitting 18 feet up in the air, I don’t know if I want to trust a dab of glue to secure my seat to the straps that support me. The fabric was pure cotton which seems OK, until it rains of course, then cotton sucks water up like a sponge.  A soaking wet, soggy bottom is no fun when you’re out in the elements, sitting 18 feet up in the cold.

Cotton is not as silent as I would like in a tree-stand seat either, there is nothing worse than rubbing against the seat cushion and it making a loud scratchy noise just when I need to move to make a shot on a deer.  In those cold intense moments where every second counts, any sound is intensified and could startle a deer.  It’s absolutely heartbreaking to ruin your chances on a massive buck.

I thought my hard-earned money could have been better spent, and as I sat in my tree-stand one late-season afternoon, and stewed over my seat predicament I decided I was going to take matters into my own hands and start manufacturing seats to my specifications…that of a serious die-hard hunter, one who knows what is required to sit in a tree stand from dark till dark.