Most of us have been there- Get close to your tree stand only to have a deer blow and take off running, and many times blowing all the while they are running. So not only did the one der figure you out, any deer in the area also now knows there’s trouble in your neck of the woods.

Even the best laid plans of entry to the tree stand can get you busted, but here are a few of my favorite tree stand sots that gave me great access and never got me busted.

One of my favorite tree stand set ups was along a small stream. The deer were crossing where the stream bank had washed over the years and become less steeper than the rest of the stream edge, it made a much easier climb for them and the trail was pounded a foot into the dirt making even the most novice hunter able to see this was a great spot. The stream also with its steep banks gave me a great entry point, I  entered the stream about 500 yards from the tree stand out near the road where I parked, by walking in the creek immediately the deer were unable to see me, and also any noise I made was muffled by the steep dirt banks. And although that wood lot was a mere 30 acres, not once did I spook a deer out of it.

Another of my favorite entries to a tree stand set up was right next to an interstate. My stand was literally 20 feet away from the interstate fence line. There also was a frontage road that ran alongside the interstate. I would park on the frontage road and then jump the fence and run across the interstate, then enter my stand. This was a great morning stand, as all the deer were out in the fields well away from where I entered, and also the highway noise pretty well masked any noise I made, matter of fact, I would always wait for a vehicle to pass before walking in the woods, pretty much guaranteeing nothing could here me. I hunted that spot and killed some very nice deer there, that is until a sheriff’s  deputy seen me  doing it and told me it was illegal to cross the highway on foot.

So next time your picking out that perfect tree stand set up, look around and see if there is any type of terrain that might aid in your stand entry, cause the last thing you want,is to hear the deer blowing a good morning hello to you and all the other deer in the area.