There are so many good quality tree stands on the market, when a deer hunter goes on a hunt for a new tree stand things get confusing in a hurry. Lets start with the big name tree stand manufactures. These are some of the most well known and am sure I will miss a lot of them. And I am going to really look at the hang on type tree stands since they are my favorite type of tree stand and what I use most often.

These are in no particular order.

  1. Summit Stands
  2. Lone Wolf
  3. API
  4. Big Dog
  5. Ole Man
  6. Gorilla
  7. Big Game
  8. Muddy
  9. Tree Walker
  10. Loc On

I am sure there are more, and I also did not mention the stands made for a particular retailer- like a Cabellas and  Bass Pro Shop,  who have there own brands of tree stands. Some of which  might actually be made by one of the manufactures listed above., then stamped with there own name on them. And can make them actually some of the best choices as you will see down further in my post.

Over the years I learned one thing, if you have something that you like and have had good results with, you tend to return to that particular brand. That holds true for tree stand hunters as well. This is meant more to aid a first time buyer and and maybe someone who does not care for the particular tree stand they are using.

The old adage ” You get what you pay for ”  holds true for tree stands also…but to a point. I tend to break down stands in 2 categories.

Hang on tree stands – Under $100 or over $100

“Huh” ? you say . Well its my opinion that the tree stands tend to change quality at that price point, is it exact science ? heck no, its me owning upwards of 200 stands in my 40 plus years of hunting, and  I”m not a guy that am not that brand particular, I buy lots of stands and tend to always look for the most bang for my buck, if its on sale and looks well made I buy it. I like having tree stands in many locations, maybe 3 in a 50 foot radius-Why ? I play the wind . And a great spot might need a tree stand set up for several possible wind directions.( That’s another blog). And it always seems that when I buy one under or over those numbers -I got what I payed for wether it was good or bad. Now these are the prices pre-sale, so if I can buy a $125.00  hang on tree stand for $60 bucks I’m all over that.

Have I gotten some stands that didn’t quite meet my expectations after I got it hung ? OHHH YEAH ! however, there are a few things that can be done to cure small things, first the tree stand seat , if its uncomfortable or noisy, it can be replace with a new Slumper seat ,   You can also add a few nylon ratchet straps to snug it tighter to the tree. I do this most times anyways. if its noisy add some nylon washers between the metal parts when assembling the stand.

When I go tree stand hunting I start by looking for what I prefer, now this is me- a lock on type platform stand, must have a sling type seat, and must have arm rests. That’s me, I like those  things in a tree stand, then start price shopping. and I usually will buy either right after the season, or just prior to the hunting season. Those seem to be the best times to buy.

So your saying “You didn’t tell me what is the best brand tree stand there is ? ”  Nope ! If you want to spend $300 dollars on a particular tree stand because they do a great job of marketing , but you can buy the same tree stand for $150 and is just as good a tree stand but maybe it weighs  2 lbs less than the other stand -go right a head .

Me on the other hand will have 3 stands hanging for the price of the one stand you just got – Hey what can I say- I like a stand in lots of trees. And like the most bang for my buck and that best chance for a bang at a buck !

Pleasesuper-slumper be safe !  Wear a certified tree stand safety harness- while hunting and hanging your new tree stand .